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4401.   GENERAL




All Referees used in games played under the jurisdiction of the NJSA shall be registered through the NJ SRC, with the USSF and shall abide to all rules dictated by the USSF Referee Committee, in addition to the following rules of the NJSA.




All Referees used in games of this Association MUST be knowledgeable of the different Leagues and Competitions policies. This shall be accomplished by being required to pass a NJSA Referee quiz before being allowed to officiate in NJ.










The chairperson of the Referee Committee (also called the State Adult Referee Administrator) shall control, direct and supervise all the following functions involving referees.




1)      Referee Administration


2)      Game Assignments


3)      Education of Laws of the Game


4)      Assessments of Referees


5)      Investigation of Complaints


6)      Licensing of Officials


7)      Referees’ Schools




The Ref Committee Chairperson shall be appointed annually by the Vice President of


Administrative Operations, with the approval of the Board of Directors.










The home team shall be responsible for the protection of the referees and assistant referees any action of players and spectators before, during and after the game, independently from the ownership of the field play.




This rule does not exempt the visiting teams, players, directors and spectators, of their responsibilities towards the game officials.
















a)      Solicitations




Referees soliciting selected assignments, shall be dealt with, by the NJ Referee Committee.




b)     Refusal




Referees refusing an assignment for another game with more remuneration or for a game of a non-affiliated League or Team shall be reported to the NJ Referee Committee for disciplinary action.




c)      Availability




Referees must be available at all times during regular soccer season, unless sufficient advance notification was made, in writing, to the Referee Assigner.




d)     Number of Assignments




Referees must accept at least twenty-five (25) adult amateur official (90 minute games) assignments during a calendar year in order to be eligible for re-registration and the same grade for the following year.




e)      Failure to Appear




A referee who fails to appear to a scheduled game without proven excuse, shall be reported to the NJ Referee Committee for disciplinary action.




f)       Reports




A report must be made after each and all games by the Referee assigned to the game. Copies shall be mailed as follows:




1)      Original Game Report and game-Lines ups to the League or Competition


2)      Second copy of the report to the NJSA


3)      Third copy for the referee records




Referees are REQUIRED to hold copies of the Reports and Copies of the teams game Line-ups, for up to 2 years from the game date.




A referee who fails to send the proper report (and line-ups, if any) to the League and to the NJSA within 24 hours of the scheduled game, shall be reported to the NJ Referee Committee for disciplinary action.










All Referees used by this State Association must abide by all policies of the USSF and be in possession of their current identification card issued by the USSF.




Referee fees are fixed by the New Jersey Soccer Association on an annual basis and shall be publicized on the NJSA Referee Assignment Website.




All Referee fees (including Assistant Referees fees if any) shall be divided equally


between the two participating teams for all games, including Playoffs and League Cup games.




If Referees duly reporting for a game, finds the ground in non-playable conditions, they shall be entitled to a travelling fee as set by the NJSA to be paid by both teams, provided the game had not been officially called off in sufficient time




Referees MUST request a Game Line-up from each participating team BEFORE the start of any game. A referee shall NOT start a game until the game-line-up is received.




Referees must examine all participating player passes before the players take part in the game.




Team Managers are allowed to be present at Player Passes verification.




The Referees MUST check the validity of the passes (current season and team name) and MUST also properly identify the players as described on the game line-up.




In case that a Referee finds a player pass picture not matching the player’s figure, he shall attempt to establish the identity of the player by asking for his/her date of Birth and match the answer against the Date of Birth posted on the player pass.


In case of discrepancy in the answer, he shall report his findings to the Opposing team Manager and will let the player play in the game, BUT WILL REPORT HIS FINDINGS in his game report.




Referees are required to file to the proper League or Competition, not later than 24 hours after the game, an official Game Report containing the following information:




1. The final score of the game.


2. The scorers’ names or their shirt numbers. (Space is provided


on the line-up form to indicate this).


3. Report any protest, question or doubt about the validity of a player




4. Any player cautioned during the game.


5. Any player ordered off the field, in which case the player’s pass


must accompany the report.


6. The markings of the field.


7. The presence of goal nets or corner posts.


8. The use of captain’s arm band.


9. The lateness of any team.


10. Any accident or injury to the players, before, during or after the game.


11. Any other matter relevant to the proper completion of the game.