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New Jersey Soccer Association
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Player registration info and REQUIREMENTS 2015 Summer Season (revised 3/15/2015)

  • AGE REQUIREMENTS for 2015 Season

ADULT U-20 players: players born ON or AFTER August 1, 1994 ADULT U-23 players: players born ON or AFTER August 1, 1991


Each U20 or U23 team wishing to participate in the U20/U23 NJSA development Program must fill out an Online TEAM APPLICATION.

This form will be available on the NJSA website at under the PROGRAMS/U20U23 Development.

The cost of affiliating a U20/U23 team to the NJSA for the 2015 Summer Season is as follows:

$100.00 as the NJSA Team State Affiliation fee

$15.00 per PLAYER (youth or adult) interested to play for the U20/U23 team

The above fees will cover membership to the NJSA, USASA and USSF and will provide Liability and Medical Insurance coverage as offered by the United States Adult Soccer Assoc.

Please note that in addition to the above NJSA fees, the NJSA U20/U23 Development Program, will add an ADMINISTRATIVE FEE to the above State Fees to cover the operating costs for the competition.


ALL players must be registered using the NJSA Player Registration Online system and must be APPROVED by the NJSA State Registrar before they can be declared ELIGIBLE to play.

Instructions for using the Online System will be distributed to the participating teams, upon receipt of the application and fee for the Development program.

Any additional Player Registration information can be received by contacting the NJSA Office at (609) 587-9265

ALL players in a U20/U23 team MUST be registered even if they had registered for another team DURING the current season AND/OR in Previous season.

The Online system will indicate to you for each of the players being registered, if they need to supply any documentation and/or picture to make a pass.

In general, each player must submit:

1)  A filled out Player Registration Form (produced by the Online Registration system).

2)  Copy of a document which gives PROOF of AGE (birth certificate, driver’s license, etc…) (if never submitted before)

3)  Copy of a Document which shows the player’s LAST FOUR DIGITS of the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (SSN card, Pay stub, Tax papers, etc …) (if never submitted before)

4)  The proper Player Registration fee.

The fee is $15 for players registering for the first time this current season adult

There is NO FEE for players that have registered for a NJSA affiliated team DURING the


5)  A COLOR PASSPORT SIZE PICTURE is required to make a player pass for those teams that wish to enter the USASA National U20 or U23 CUPS.

For any player under the age of 18, the Online system will require to enter the NAME and the last 4 digits of the player’s PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN

Players that played in the NJSA U20/U23 Development Program in previous years (returning players) may have gone thru the identification process and may have a pass already made.

The Online registration system will indicate to you if you need to supply any of the required documents



  • Youth players (U-19 and under) that wish to play in a U20/U23 ADULT TEAM

No player under the age of 16 should be encouraged to play in this program.

Any Youth Player CURRENTLY registered with a YOUTH team (being members of the USYSA or US Club Soccer or Super-Y League), that wishes to play in an U20/U23 Adult team, can do so by properly registering and obtaining an Adult pass.

Since the NJSA U20/U23 Development Program is an ADULT program, ALL youth players MUST be registered as ADULT players in order to be insured while playing in this Adult program.

The Youth medical insurance will NOT cover Youth players while playing in an Adult event.

To register a Youth player follow the same process as registering an Adult player.

  • Number of players

The NJSA U20/U23 Development Program allows to register an UNLIMITED number of players during the season, but no more than 18 players are allowed to participate in any given game.

For the U-20 and U-23 State/National Cups, a U20 or U23 team CANNOT have more than 22 players on the team roster (see roster requirements below) which will be FROZEN according to the competition’s deadlines (currently at the Regional finals). Therefore a U20/U23 team that wins the regional final cannot add any player until it has completed its participation in the Cup (the National finals).


A team that wishes to participate in the NJSA State and National Cups, must be an affiliated member of the NJSA during the current season, either as a U20/U23 Development Program or as a registered Premier team in a NJSA Premier affiliated league.

Entry Fees are detailed on the Cup Application.

Teams participating in the U20/U23 NJSA Development Program, will receive rebates for participating in these cups.

In order to enter the U20/U23 NJSA State Cup and subsequent National Cups, a team MUST submit an ONLINE Application to enter the U20/U23 State and National Cup and PAY the proper ENTRY FEE to the NJSA BEFORE the deadline.

Additional fees are required when participating in the REGIONAL tournaments of the National Cups.

All Participating Players must be registered with the NJSA (Adult) Registrar or Assistant. (see Player Registration rules above) in order to be eligible to play in the Cups.

For teams participating in the USASA National Cups, all players must have Adult Player Passes issued from the NJSA Registrar.

  • State/national cups roster requirements

A TEAM ROSTER is required ONLY for the purpose of participating in the U20/U23 Cups at the Regional and National level.

Such roster can be changed up to until the Regional Finals.

No roster is necessary for the NJ Cups at the State level.

The NJSA uses the individual registration forms filled by each player as proof of registration.

Blank ROSTER Forms will be provided to the teams that wish to advance to the regional level.

This roster must be validated by the NJSA (Adult) Registrar or Assistant.