How to File a Claim


All Players properly registered with the New Jersey Soccer Association (also known as NJSA)  are covered if the Participant Accident Insurance (PAI) is selected by your state association for whatever option is chosen for a League.  As soon as the player completes the player registration process as specified by the NJSA, at which time a player must sign the waiver, their coverage’s begin.

General Process

If a Registered Player gets injured during a sanctioned NJSA activity,  the TEAM MANAGER must fill out an ONLINE Injury Report to notify the NJSA.

The Team Manager can report ONLY injuries to those players that were properly registered PRIOR to the Injury.

Upon receipt of the Injury Report notification, the NJSA will VERIFY the injured player claim and will PREPARE the Insurance Claim form with all the information available to it.

The Insurance Claim form is then mailed to the Team Manager who will complete and SIGN as the witness of the injury. The Team Manager will then forward the Insurance Claim form to the injured player who will complete the form of the missing information, sign it and MAIL IT to the USASA (United State Adult Soccer Association).

The USASA office that again verifies the claim for completeness, logs the claim in and forwards it on to the Insurance Company for insurance processing.

All Player Injuries must be reported by affiliated members by logging into Members Only