[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll Player registration authority and responsibility for all Team Officers and Player registrations shall be vested by the NJSA State Registrar under the supervision of the NJSA Executive Director.

Under certain circumstances, as detailed in NJSA By-Laws, the NJSA State Registrar may assign certain functions to specific Assistant Registrars.

An Assistant Registrar may handle the registration of more than one league provided there is a written agreement between the leagues involved.

The State Registrar has the power to remove an Assistant Registrar if such Assistant does not follow and/or applies all the NJSA registration policies or does not follow instructions from the State Registrar and/or the NJSA.


a) Composition

The Registration Committee shall be composed of the State Registrar and as many Assistant Registrars as allowed by agreement with the State Registrar.

b) Duties of Members

The State Registrar shall work under the direction of the NJSA Executive Director and shall be solely responsible to the Board of Directors of the NJSA and shall be empowered to take any action necessary to enforce all Player registration policies.
The Assistant Registrars shall respond solely to the State Registrar and to the NJSA Executive Director.
Each Assistant Registrar shall be authorized to process and validate passes for the league or leagues he represents.

c) Consolidation of Records

The State Registrar, shall keep complete and accurate records of all registered Team Officers and Players in the NJSA.
Each Assistant Registrar shall report to the State Registrar, the registration activities under his/her jurisdiction on a monthly basis

d) Power of Registration

The Registration Committee shall have full power in the matter of registration, transfer or release of all Team Officers and Amateur Players in the manner under the conditions set forth in the USSF rules.


a) Professional Player
A person who receives or has received payment for playing and has signed a USSF professional player form, shall be considered a Professional Player.

b) Amateur Player
Any player, other than a Professional Player, shall be considered an Amateur Player.
An amateur player may not receive and retain any remuneration for playing, except expenses directly related to a game, which have actually been incurred by the player.

c) Youth Player
Any player under the age of 19 is considered a Youth player


Registration of a professional player is entirely handled and processed by the USSF Registrar, through the NJSA State Registrar.
In addition to the regular NJSA registration fee, an additional fee must be paid to the USSF to register a Professional player.


All procedures of registration, transfer and release of all Amateur Players under the jurisdiction of this Association are defined in the USASA rules and shall be carried and performed by the Registration Committee members as described in these rules.


In order to be registered to play in a NJSA affiliated team, a Youth player must:

a) Properly register as an Amateur player as detailed in these rules.

b) The NJSA player registration for a Youth Player MUST be acknowledged/approved by his/her Parent or Guardian, if such player is under the age of 18 years old.

c) Must have a Properly executed “Junior Player – Amateur Trial Game Permission“ form. This form is available from the NJSA Office

d) A Maximum of FOUR (4) youth players are allowed on any NJSA Affiliated team EXCEPT for Youth players of a Youth team of the same CLUB as the ADULT team (no limit in this case).


Reinstatement procedures and requirements are defined in the USSF rules.

a) By application
A Professional player may apply for re-instatement to the Amateur status by filling out the proper Reinstatement form as issued by the USSF and by paying the appropriate fee to the USSF. This form is available on the NJSA website.

b) Automatic
A professional player is automatically re-instated as an Amateur player one year from the date of the last GAME played as a professional.


Any player that was born outside of the United States MUST get clearance from the Soccer Federation of the country where such player was born.
This clearance process is handled by the USSF.

International Clearance procedures and requirements are defined in the USSF rules.

An International Clearance form is available on the USSF and on the NJSA website.


Each season, any individual who wishes to play for a club affiliated with the NJSA may do so by filing an Online Player Registration and submitting the necessary documentation.
If the player is considered a Professional player, then, in addition to the Online registration, a USSF issued Professional Player registration form must be filled out.

The filing of an Online Player registration remains under the control of each Team Manager: they will register the players for their own team, using a selected Player Registration Password for their Team.


1) Filing of an Online Player Registration
2) Submittting to the State Registrar (or Assistant Registrar where authorized) the following:
a) Copy of the Registration form that was generated during the Online Registration step (this form MUST ALWAYS be submitted)
b) Copy of the required documents and a valid Approved Color Picture when Requested in the details listed at the bottom of the Registration form generated from the Online Registration step.
c) The appropriate Player registration fee.
3) Receiving Approval by the State Registrar (or Assistant Registrar)

A player is NOT considered REGISTERED until all 3 steps above are properly COMPLETED.

Incomplete registrations will be REJECTED.

Incomplete registrations will be deleted from the NJSA Online System after 21 day from the day it was initially filed online.

Player registration fees are set by the General Assembly at the NJSA Annual General Meeting.


All registering players are required to submit the following:

a) Copy of any document that shows the Player’s of Date of Birth
b) Copy of any document that shows the Player’s Last 4 digits of the SSN. Foreign born players that have no SSN, must submit copy of the passport from which the serial number shall be used to create a player pass number.
c) A valid COLOR picture of the player’s face. The face of the player in the picture must be at least 1” (one inch) high but not more than 1 and 3/8” (one and three eights inches) high. These sizes are the same requirements as a US Passport size picture. The person’s face must clearly identify the player. Pictures depicting an individual wearing a hat or sunglasses, or who do not show the current physical appearance of the player, shall not be accepted as valid pictures.

Failure to submit any of the documents above, is sufficient cause to REJECT the registration of the player.
Failure to submit a valid picture as described above, is sufficient cause to REJECT the registration of the player.

The NJSA shall keep a record of those players that have submitted a valid document. In those cases where documents were submitted by the player, such player will NOT be required to submit those documents anymore.

The NJSA shall keep a record of those player Passes that are kept on file in the NJSA Office. In the case where the player pass is on file, no new pass needs to be made. In the cases where a player pass is NOT kept on file, then a Player pass must be made.


a) Beginning Date

All players shall be considered REGISTERED ONLY UPON APPROVAL by the State Registrar (or Assistant Registrar where allowed) after receipt of the registration forms and supporting documentation as listed on the registration form.
Any player that has an outstanding obligation shall not be approved to register until such obligation is resolved.

b) Ending Date

All other players shall be considered no longer registered for a team:

1. At the end of each season as defined in the Constitution and By-Laws of the NJSA (seasonal release).

2. He is released by his team during the regular season by means of a release form (documented release) validated by the NJSA State Registrar or Assistant Registrar of the league where he was registered or by returning the player pass to the State Registrar (regular release).

3. Upon termination/expulsion of the team or the withdrawal of the team from their League competition.

4. When granted a release by the State Registrar upon request by the individual to be released from a team (executive release). Before issuing this release, the State Registrar will have to verify that such individual does not have any outstanding obligations toward the club or affiliated league before granting such release.


An affiliated Club or a Team or a League may request to the State Registrar to detain the registration of a player who was registered in previous seasons by that club and that now wishes to register for another club, if such player has any outstanding obligation toward such club.

The requesting body must show proof of such obligation and must specify, with all the details, the reason for such request
The State Registrar must verify such claim before issuing the detention.

Such player shall not be allowed to register and play for any affiliated Club or Team until such obligation has been resolved.

The detention will be effective for up to 3 years.

A team CANNOT ask for refund of the player registration fee.


a) Content

Upon Approval of a player registration, each player shall be issued an official NJSA/USASA pass. It will contain all the information required to identify the player and to determine his or her eligibility to play for a specific team.

b) Property

Player passes are the property of the NJSA and must be returned to the Registration Committee:

1) upon termination of the playing season
2) upon release of the player during a season
3) upon request by a Registration Committee member.

Player passes MUST BE KEPT DURING THE SEASON by the Team Manager or Team Officer and should never be given to a player other than for the purpose of identification at the time of an affiliated game.

Failure to return a player pass at the end of the season shall result in a fine to be determined by the State Registrar for EACH player pass.

Clubs and Team Managers shall be held responsible for fines related to failing to return a player pass.

Player passes must be returned to the State Registrar or Assistant Registrar when releasing a players.
Failure to return the player pass at the time of releasing a player, shall be sufficient reason to DENY the release.

c) Issue, Renewal and Re-Issue

Upon Approval of registration, the State Registrar or Assistant Registrar, shall
a) ISSUE a NEW Player pass if no pass was ever made for that player or if the pass was not returned by the team the player last played for.
b) RENEW an EXISTING pass if one is on file with the NJSA state Office.
c) RE-ISSUE a Player Pass if a Pass is not currently on file in the NJSA state Office
d) In case of issue or re-issue of a player pass, the player must submit the required Color picture as specified in these rules.

d) Falsification of Documentation

Any intentional falsification of the information on a player’s pass or registration, will result, for each individual case, in the following:
a) the immediate suspension of the player AND of the responsible party (Team Manager, or other Team Officer) that registered him, for a period not to exceed twelve (12) months from the time of discovery, as decided by the Registration Committee.
b) A fine not to exceed the sum of $250 issued to the Club/Team.

e) Use of Passes

Player passes must be presented to the referee before the start of all games.

Players not presenting a valid Player pass, or presenting an invalid Player pass, shall be reported to the League and to the NJSA for investigation and disciplinary action if necessary.

This rule does not apply for exhibition, all-star or fund raising games or for any other activity which has the written authorization of the NJSA.

f) Alteration of Pass

Any Team/Club found guilty of altering or tampering a Player Pass or Registration for the purpose of changing the player identification or eligibility to play, including the replacement of the player’s picture, will result, for each individual case, in the following:
a) the immediate suspension of the player AND of the responsible party (Team Manager, or other Team Officer) for a period not to exceed six (12) months from the time of discovery, as decided by the Registration Committee.
b) A fine not to exceed the sum of $250 issued to the Club/Team for the first offense and not to exceed $500.00 for the second offense, as determined by the NJSA State Registrar.
c) Repetition of the offense a third time, shall force the suspension of the Team/Club for a period determined by the Registration Committee of the NJSA.

g) Loss of Player Pass

The report of a Loss of player’s pass shall be investigated by the Registration Committee to make sure it is a real loss. Re-issue of a lost pass shall require a fee as determined by the Registration Committee.


Each League or Competition (i.e. State Cups) shall determine the maximum number of approved players that can be registered and/or used in their competition by each team.

No team shall be allowed to have less then eleven (11) approved registered active players.


A player will be Approved, therefore becomes Eligible to Play, only after the State Registrar or Assistant Registrar receives all required forms and documents, and issues a current season validated player’s pass.


Use of an Ineligible player shall be fined the sum of $50 per player found to be ineligible, per game used as determined by the Registration Committee.



Any player who registers for two or more teams within the same league, during the same season, without being properly released from the earlier one, shall be immediately suspended for a period no to exceed six (6) months from the time of discovery, as decided by the Registration Committee.

Multiple registrations are allowed to a player, if he registers:

1) For teams in different affiliated Leagues (one team in each League)
2) For a team affiliated with the Development Program run by the NJSA
3) For a Regional/National League team (both amateur and professional)
4) For a Summer Tournament team
5) For an Indoor Tournament team

A Club with a Main and a Reserve team (both with the same Club Name) shall be permitted to register all its players under the Club name and shall be eligible to play for either club team but must abide to all requirements and restrictions of the Competition or League they play in.

Clubs with more than a Main and a Reserve team, must clearly identify the two teams that will be considered the Main and the Reserve teams at the time of Team Registration.


Each individual league or competition shall set its own registration deadline within the following guidelines:

For Premier Leagues: no registration will be allowed after June 15 of each year.
For all other Leagues/Competitions: the registration deadline is set by such entity.

NJ State Cups Competitions will set its own Registration deadline and will require a roster which will be frozen at such deadline.

Since a State Cup deadline MAY be earlier than a League deadline, a player may be registered for a team after the State Cup deadline for a team which is still participating in the Cup, BUT such player CANNOT be included to the State Cup roster frozen at the State Cup deadline.

P.O. Box 9765
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e-mail: office@njsasoccer.com
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P.O. Box 9765
Trenton, NJ 08650
e-mail: office@njsasoccer.com
In case of emergency, please call