Jackson Lions FC (Garden State Soccer League) at the USASA Region 1 finals

The Region I finals are set with five championships to be played at the Ukrainian American Sports Center in Horsham, Pennsylvania the weekend of 16 & 17 June. Jackson Lions will face Christos FC.

Saturday starts with Group Play of the Men’s U23 Tournament. In the evening, we have the final for the National Over-40 Cup between Christos FC of Maryland and West Chester United of Eastern Pennsylvania followed by championship for the US Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy featuring Safira FC of Massachusetts against West Chester United.

On Sunday morning, we play the semifinals of the U23 Cup. The first title match will be the Gerhard Mengel Cup, the National Over-30 Championship, with Warehouse Gunners of Massachusetts taking on Christos FC, followed the Werner Fricker Cup, the Amateur Open Championship, that sees the GSSL representatives Jackson Lions FC facing Christos FC. The day concludes with the final of the U23 Cup.

The Region winners will move on to national finals.

2018 USASA Region I Finals Weekend
Saturday, 16 June

U23 Group Play
#6 West Chester United vs. DCPDA Internationals 9:00
#3 Junior Lone Star FC vs. IFK Maryland 9:00
#1 Annandale United FC vs. Phila Ukrainian Nationals 9:00

#1 DCPDA Internationals vs. Phila Future SC 12:00
#5 IFK Maryland vs. Real New York FC 12:00
#6 Phila Ukrainian Nationals vs. Real Caribe Soccer Club 12:00

#5 Phila Future SC vs. West Chester United 3:00
#1 Real New York FC vs. Junior Lone Star FC 3:00
#3 Real Caribe Soccer Club vs. Annandale United FC 3:00

National Over-40 Cup Final
#6 Christos FC (MD) vs. West Chester United (EPA) 5:00

U23 Playoff
#5 Best 2nd Place vs. Best 2nd Place 6:00

US Amateur Cup Final for the Fritz Marth Trophy
#6 Safira FC (MA) vs. West Chester United (EPA) 7:00

Sunday, 17 June
U23 Semifinals
#1 Group Winner vs. Group Winner 10:00
#5 Group Winner vs. Playoff Winner 10:00

Gerhard Mengel Cup Final – National Over-30 Championship
#6 Warehouse Gunners (MA) vs. Christos FC (MD) 11:00

Werner Fricker Cup Final – Amateur Open Championship
#6 Jackson Lions FC (NJ) vs. Christos FC (MD) 1:00

U23 Cup Final
#6 Semifinal Winner vs. Semifinal Winner 3:00