a) Jurisdiction

This Committee shall entertain appeals from the decisions of one of the following:

1) The Appeals Committee of a League


2) The NJSA arbiter


b) Members

Each affiliated League shall appoint one representative to be a member of this committee for the duration of one year.



In order for an appeal to be valid, it must comply to the following requirements:

1) Must be made in writing

2) Must be mailed to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee.

3) Must be mailed within seven (7) days from the date of the official receipt of the decision against which the appeal is presented.

4) Must be accompanied by appeal fee of $200.00, in the form of money order, cashier’s or certified check and by a non-refundable filing fee of $50.00. (Two Checks required)

5) Must send a copy of the appeal to the body whose ruling is appealed against, by certified letter with return receipt.

6) Must be accompanied by one (1) copy of the Rules and Regulations of the boy whose ruling is appealed against.



The body against which the appeal is filed, shall have seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the copy of the appeal (as per paragraph 5 above) to submit to the Appeals Committee any material(s) it consider relevant to the appeal.

The Chairman of the Appeals Committee in his discretion may also require notice of the appeal to particular parties who may be affected by the appeal and may allow those parties to submit within a specified time, any material they consider relevant to the appeal.



The validity of decisions rendered by affiliated bodies, against which an appeal is presented, shall NOT be suspended pending the final hearing of the Appeals Committee.

All fines, if any, must have been paid according to the decisions against which the appeal is filed.



The applicable appeal’s fee shall be retained by the NJSA, unless the appeal is FULLY sustained, in which case the appeal fee only shall be returned to the appealing party.

Decision of the Appeals Committee regarding League or State matters, can be appealed to the Regional Appeals Committee of the USASA.

Decision of the Appeals Committee regarding Arbiter Discipline matters can be appealed directly to General Council of the USSF.